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Welcome to ibbi, llc

ibbi, llc is a distributor/reseller of a full-line of printed products & services with nearly
50 years experience in the industry. Our focus is on small & medium-sized businesses. Despite the existence of thousands of these businesses, we found that there are very few vendors who could or would provide printed products & services at competitive prices to them; and that has resulted in most having to pay high, often exorbitant, prices. We also found that their customer service was often inexperienced, impersonal, and below average. ibbi, llc is able to capitalize on these weaknesses, and more & more small & medium-sized businesses are discovering that they can order all of their printed products through our company, saving them both time and money.

By working directly with very specialized, efficient manufacturers and establishing long-term working relationships with them, ibbi, llc is able to provide the highest quality, 100% guaranteed, products & services available. These relationships, combined with our very low overhead, enable us to provide our products & services to you at highly competitive prices, usually well below our competition.

Prices are generally 20-25% or more below our competition!

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